Roadmap Lucee 5.4

As noted in the release notes for, there will be a Lucee 5.4 release very soon, which will upgrade some underlying java libaries with CVEs

Extension Changes with 5.4 due to CVEs (which is why we are bumping up the version)

  • Lucee 5.4 will no longer bundle older extensions like Axis and Search due to CVEs (and being deprecated)
  • Hibernate extension will be updated to 5.4 (3.5.5 has CVEs and is no longer maintained)
  • Image Extension will be updated to version 2 (factored, 12 Monkeys)
  • S3 will be updated to version 2 (switches to AWS java lib)

We will backport some of the fixes to the 5.3.10 branch / update extensions

Lucee 5.x is basically in maintenance mode, i.e. bugs fixes, with 6.0 being the focus for all new functionality.

Lucee 6.0 has already had some of these extensions removed from the standard install, they are of course still available, just requiring manual or scripted installing


the branch for 5.4 has been created

First up is


I really like this new, more transparent communication. :heart:


@Zackster Do we have a timeline on Lucee v5.4? I don’t see any snapshots being published to forgebox - only v6 snapshots.

basically we have some ORM regressions with Hibernate 5.4 which prevent the build from passing and producing builds.

we are also working thru some post release fixes (mainly configImport, build and a datadog fix) for 5.3.10 which are also in 5.4.0

basically any regressions with Hibernate 5.4 since 3.55 with Lucee 5.4 are blockers.

Now that we have tickets in place, I can disable those failing tests and we can produce interim builds

We are tracking the Hibernate 5.4 regressions for Lucee 5.4 here [LDEV-4291] - Lucee

Here is the changelog so far

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boom, after backporting even more of the glorious 6.0 build process to 5.4 (coz things stopped working and I don’t know why), the first 5.4 SNAPSHOT finally built and published. is published

between that and the Lucee update server being extremely f-ing very annoying it’s been a very long Lucee day for me!

signs off at 1am


I’ll need at least a few days before I can attempt to look at this due to work and travel, sorry!

The basic gist is that the minor/major version bumps need copies of configs in the repo (there’s a folder for each version), and then an extra build step added to the GitHub actions with the appropriate env vars. I can’t remember if I disabled the old matrix check yet either, so that might also need to be tweaked.


Any chance [LDEV-4039] - Lucee is being targeted for 5.4?

I’d really like to see CFMAIL get fixed. It will address some workarounds we’ve had to implement for HTML emails (which can fail in some corner cases).