Lucee Release Candidate 2

Following up on Lucee

Changelog (Since RC 1)

LDEV-1526 - update HyperSQL 2.7.2 (HSQLDB) for QoQ (CVE)
LDEV-4461 - Using named arguments in entityLoadByPK call results in java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
LDEV-4466 - OSGI error with memcached driver extension
LDEV-4469 - Regression: Invalid “member is set to final” error on static property when code changes
LDEV-4506 - don’t accept strings of format “m d" as valid dates
LDEV-4525 - mssql can’t connect in 5.4, throws the driver couldn’t connect - 12.2.0.jre8
LDEV-4526 - build: fail when a configured service is not available (service / java )
LDEV-4530 - OSGiUtil cannot load a bundle based on a range

Code changes

Release Roadmap

TL;DR due to CVE in java libraries used in 5.3, 5.3 is EOL aside from security fixes

The one caveat is we haven’t upgraded Hibernate from 3.5.5 to 5.4 yet


anyone testing, ( please, please test! ) use the

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