5.4.2 mid sprint update

Currently the latest is

Please don’t file any bug tickets without doing the following

  1. testing the latest STABLE (if you are using an older release) / or SNAPSHOT
  2. posting to the mailing list (i.e. here) first

If you are using a much older version of Lucee, please test to see if your problem is already solved

No planned release ETA as of yet, just fixing a few reported bugs so far

5.4 is only getting important bug fixes, i.e. it’s in maintenance mode

Tickets addressed so far

LDEV-3889 - show changelog on admin update page
LDEV-4087 - debug templates are changing the debug log entries
LDEV-4178 - Support passthru of storage locations for Directory* functions / CFDIRECTORY
LDEV-4597 - NPE in pageSourcePool.clearUnused()
LDEV-4610 - Add requestExclusive param to administrator.updateDatasource()
LDEV-4627 - Native QoQ exception when column case differs
LDEV-4628 - update to zip4j 2.11.5
LDEV-4631 - Admin 5.4 is showing false update banner notifications for extensions
LDEV-4635 - s3 ext setStorage() does nothing for directoryCreate
LDEV-4640 - Lucee server config: errors in logs when server xml missing “update”

Code Changes

More tests than fixes :slight_smile:

Docker builds are up for, alas the automated docker builds are failing at the moment

Current Stable Release

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