Lucee Stable Release

The Lucee team is proud to release one of our quickest releases to date.

This is a just bug fix / regression release, mainly QoQ related, mainly due to a major upgrade to the underlying HSQLDB library version from 1.8.0 (2009) to 2.7.2 (2023) requiring some additional code changes due to it becoming stricter

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Lucee ORM is no longer being developed or bundled by the Lucee Team, Ortus have forked and taken over the development of ORM for Lucee, see Introducing: The Ortus ORM Extension.

Anyone having problems with legacy SFTP algorithms no longer working, see [LDEV-4621] - Lucee

You can still install the Lucee versions or use the Ortus one, we just aren’t bundling it in the standard distribution anymore.

Plus @justincarter has updated our docker images, including JRE versions which are 100mb smaller, so we are now essentially CVE free.

Available as usual via

Java Versions supported

  • Java 8
  • Java 11 (Lucee Installer bundles 11.0.19)
  • Java 17 isn’t supported yet, (Lucee 6 will be supporting it this year)


LDEV-2418 - configurable template cache max pagePool size
LDEV-4540 - updating a new mssql driver in the admin doesn’t preserve trust arguments
LDEV-4556 - string lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: lucee.runtime.type.dt.DateTimeImpl; local class incompatible:
LDEV-4592 - Regression in with QoQ and multiple queries: HSQLDB incompatible data type in operation
LDEV-4593 - Regression with QofQ - $ in column names no longer work
LDEV-4613 - QoQ Regression - incompatible data type in operation
LDEV-4615 - QoQ: data exception: string data, right truncation ; size limit: 1
LDEV-4597- NPE in pageSourcePool.clearUnused()
LDEV-4616 - date parsing regression (reverted change to previous behaviour, same as with 5.3)

Extensions Bundled

ORM is no longer bundled

Code Changes

Your business relies on Lucee, how about supporting the project?

If you are building your career and/or business on Lucee, please support the developers working on the project. With your support, we can make Lucee even better and quicker, both in terms of performance and release cycles!

Release Roadmap

Next 5.4 Release is 5.4.2, with only bug fixes

Previous Release


Looking good here on some basic smoke tests across a couple of projects.

Don’t suppose any one has tested Masa on it yet ?

One who might have done that could be @GuustNieuwenhuis . I’'ve learnt from the last cfcamp that he is the Masa Guy!

Running in live on one older non-Masa project at present. Some minor glitches with S3 support but it’s for a very minor feature so we’ve just turned it off for the time being.

We haven’t tested this specific version yet. I’ll make sure we’ll get to this in the coming days/weeks. But looking at the change log, I don’t expect problems.

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We’ve got a small Masa site running on Lucee v5.4.2.17 with no issues

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