First Lucee 6 public BETA is available -

The Lucee team is proud to announce the Lucee 6 BETA!

There’s currently an issue with cfconfig / commandbox with running this, which @bdw429s is aware of and the docker builds aren’t yet set up to publish 6.0 images just yet, so for the moment, run up a 5.3.10 instance and then update via the admin or dropping into your server deploy directory

Remember this is a BETA, so it’s not production ready, what we are looking for in this first BETA release, is for you to try and run your apps / test suites in locally and let us know how it goes for you

This is the jira board tracking the 6.0 release, if you find an issue, please check for existing tickets and if you can’t find one, please drop a new thread here or cfml slack

PLEASE DON’T JUST FILE NEW TICKETS, let the Lucee team help you triage problems first

Lucee Docs is now publishing using this beta, so all the new 6.0 tags and functions are visible, I have gone thru and added introduced dates for tags / functions / arguments and attributes. I may have missed one or two, so let me know

I’ll be posting more detailed release notes soon (there’s quite a list of tickets to sort into a meaningful list) and we’ll be dropping some more posts about features over the coming weeks, in the meantime, checkout the existing posts about Lucee 6


One last thing, if you haven’t already, please consider sponsoring the Lucee project, we need your support


Update, CommandBox and CFConfig should be good. Just make sure you’re on the latest versions and you can test like this:

update --system
server start cfengine="lucee@6.0.0-BETA+346"

Could someone summarise in a few sentences what makes this 6.0 and not 5.x ?

Last I heard, Lucee-next was going to radically alter the language, new file extensions and everything.

so far other than not being able to graphically play with the compiler settings (bug filed) so far this is awesome…

Seems and or is faster, much faster than 5.x, which I thought was not possible.
great job!

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This is super exciting!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A quick summary of Lucee 6

  • moves to a json based config, existing xml configs are imported on upgrade
  • optional single mode, i.e. no additional server context, which reduces startup time and memory usage
  • lots of refactoring, performance improvements
  • v2 Image extension, complete refactor, WEBP support
  • v2 S3 extension, complete refactor now using awslib
  • v5.4 BETA ORM / Hibernate Extension (still a bit rough around the edges)
  • acf compat updates
  • new functions
  • inline and sub components
  • updated some member functions to better support chaining (i.e. don’t return true, returns the object)
  • updated java libraries, removed unused java 1.4 compat libs
  • removed support for flash files, applets etc
  • improved underlying numeric support, better precision etc
  • refactored build system support, let’s you slice and dice which test cases get run
  • cfhttp connection pooling
  • improved debugging, response status code, content length, thread debugging
  • nio watch service for directory gateway (highly efficient monitoring of filesystem for changes)
  • smaller default footprint due to older extensions no longer being bundled ( ajax, search, chart, axis ) they can be installed manually or by using the extensions env var LUCEE_EXTENSIONS=D46B46A9-A0E3-44E1-D972A04AC3A8DC10,EFDEB172-F52E-4D84-9CD1A1F561B3DFC8,FAD67145-E3AE-30F8-1C11A6CCF544F0B7,6E2CB28F-98FB-4B51-B6BE6C64ADF35473,DF28D0A4-6748-44B9-A2FDC12E4E2E4D38

just a quick summary he said…


Hi Zac

I just finished reading the new documentation pages.
Thanks for the huge work.

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I think you’re thinking of LuceeLang, which was basically scrapped years ago. There are some very nice improvements in 6.0 but no new file extensions or new scripting syntaxes outside of CFML.

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Super cool !

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I heard talk of 6.0 adding .cfs (cfscript) file extension so you no longer need cfscript tags when an entire .cfm page is script. Did that make it in?

Was mentioned in the CFCamp video ( Lucee 6 with Gert Franz, Charlie Arehart, Ben Nadel, Mark Drew, Zac Spitzer - #3 by Zackster )

This already works! You just need to add the following *.cfs to the servlet mapping for the CFMLServletin the tomcats path-to-your-lucee6-installation/tomcat/conf/web.xml file and restart Tomcat, adapt also the webservers proxypass/handlers and adapt all your urlrewrites.

This is how the setting should look like in the Lucee CFML Servlets web.xml in Tomcat.


According to @isapir this works already since Lucee5. He also requested support in VS Code CFML extension to support syntax highlighting for .cfs files. See: Enhancement Request: Support CFScript Files · Issue #87 · KamasamaK/vscode-cfml · GitHub

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