And we're back. New Forum Server Up and Running

Apologies folks. We lost the forum server when the Droplets disk was resized. We had to abandon the installation despite valiant efforts to stand the box back up.

Full backup restore:

  • we restored from 2023-03-26 and have just about everything recovered including images
  • if you posted something late on 26th March we may have lost it


  • new server instance
  • latest ubuntu os, docker, etc
  • access to the latest Discourse forum

There’s plenty of new things we can turn on for the forum now. However, we’ll keep things as they are for the time being just to be sure we have everything in place.

If something seems off please let us know on this thread, and we’ll see what we can do to configure things correctly.



Looks like just two messages were lost. @ian_hickey can you please re-post your 2 messages on the following thread that you sent around 8:30 AM UTC Sunday? Here is the preview of each message as stored in our internal Slack channel. You may have typed more than is shown here:

Message 1:

@cfmitrahHibernate version: HibernateError (Message): Cannot invoke “java.lang.Boolean.booleanValue()” because the return value of “java.lang.ThreadLocal.get()” is nullStacktrace:stacktrace.html (15.3 KB)If you need more, let me know.

Message 2:

Is it intended that rest services don’t work in single mode? I was not able to get a previously working rest service to work in single more. RestInitApp worked. Or, manually adding the rest mapping worked. But hitting the endpoint always failed as if it didn’t exist. Enabling the web context resolved it.

Please re-post those two messages here as they were lost in the data restore.


Looks like i need to rebake all posts so internal links and avatars don’t point at the staging domain we restored on. This is why there’s a bunch of missing avatars and strange broken links.

Baking :cake: