Windows Installer now supports custom service names, allowing side by side installs

Sample installer attached to [LDEV-4468] - Lucee


Both a Great and Terrible thing…
Great in that I’ve always wanted this and was reading up on how to do it manually a week or so ago…

Terrible in that it will perpetuate my laziness to get off windows =)


After some more testing, I found and have fixed some bugs relating to this

  • the installer now creates seperate start menu groups for each version
  • the Lucee service control now passes n the service name

Wow… This is THE BEST…
I’ve needed this for a while…
for once… laziness has paid off because I though I would have to go down the docker path and chase images around…

Great Work People!!

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@Zackster what benefit is there to the windows installer?

I have been running multiple installs on Windows and Linux for 10+ years. I did of course build my on service manager that will run and monitor the service then kill it if the service hangs, but wondering if there is a benefit that I am missing.

it just works OOTB, without rolling your own :slight_smile: We are just taking advantage of the mature Tomcat Server

have a play, perhaps in windows sandbox (highly recommended) and let me know how you go

A sample installer with latest java 11 and tomcat 9.0.75 attached here

It’s include our new universal installer support, so you can use this to install any Lucee version by choosing a custom lucee.jar to install (from

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