Running ACF and Lucee on same dev computer

Windows Server 2022
Java 11.0.21
Tomcat Version 9.0
MS SQL 2022

Back in Aug 2023 I tested Lucee and unfortunately ran into trouble, I could not get one of my sites to work as it was using more cookies than Lucee (or some component that is used by it would allow), so I had to give up due to time constraints (Migrating from ColdFusion 2016 to Lucee - #84 by andreas )

I have now circled back as I had a problem with CF2016 on Win 2022, where first load of pages was about 7 seconds. After some cloning and testing, CF2023 fixed it, but it also appears uninstalling CF2016 and reinstalling fixed it. I’m a little concerned as to how compatible my CF2016 might be with Win2022, and having no ongoing updates. So here I am testing Lucee again vs paying $2,400 for a 2 core license, plus I think I remember somebody saying Lucee is lighter and faster :slight_smile:

I am launching a new platform soon, so I am thinking if my dev tests work out to launch on Lucee, keeping my other sites in particular the one that won’t work on Lucee on ACF for now, until I can hopefully figure out the issue.

What I’m wondering is, if I have some sites on ACF and Lucee, how I maintain them on the dev side. Is it possible to run both on my development computer? Stop starting them as needed?



Yes it is possible for to run CF multiple versions and instances as well as lucee, multiple versions and instances all under the same machine

Manual Way
Install ACF version to DrivePath"CFVersionNumber" ← this can be anything but for simplicity I do this
Install Lucee in DrivePath\Lucee\InstanceName ← overkill but easily to do

In the ACF gui install wizard it will ask you if you want to integrate it with IIS, choose NO
ACF will ask you what port you want to Run AFC on, choose 85XX, where XX is a new port for each version of AFC you want to run, so ACF10 would be for example : 8510, ACF11 would be 8511, ACF2018 would be 8518, so on and so forth

Each server, or instance must be assigned its own unique Port or ip address, or a combo of the two.

You can create symlinks to CfStart.bat and or the lucee server bat.

You can also use command box, which is has its own command line switch to go from environment to environment. The big “gotcha” with command box is that it creates a dot file in the user profile running it, which can be an issue depending on your needs.

Thanks for the reply @Terry_Whitney . I’m not a server guru, I just get by, I am not sure what command box is, but looking at the port set up, it sounds like I can just set up and local.myotherdomain:5678 and that might just do it?

I do have some code that looks at the URL and slices parts of it up to extract usernames from the URL which would be 404


So I would take out the SomeUserName and then the 1 as a unique link for that user, so I’d just need to make an adjustment for that.

It all sounds too each :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use different service per different port, and it all can be under the same server.

Example CF10

the port setup is just during install ACF asks you which port you want to use
Lucee asks which port you want to use as well
You can after installation, go back to the server.xml of each Server(coldfusion engine) you installed, change the connector port and restart the service

Perfect, I presume I can just edit it in the administrator dashboard. I’ll play around with it on another cloned server :slight_smile:

After installation, the changes are written to server.xml for either. You just edit the files in your favorite text editor.

ok got it. Thanks

You should also check out Commandbox as a way to run different versions of ACF and Lucee: CommandBox

You can just start servers up using whichever version you require.

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