Multiple Lucee Installs on same Windows Server

I have installed lucee on a windows web server. I would now like to install further instances of lucee on the same server as different services.

This is something you can do quite easily with Adobe CF but finding it difficult to find any documentation on the subject.

Any help would be appreciated.

all you need to do is use different ports for each tomcat, 8888, 8009 etc

Thanks Zac

So do you mean run the installer and select a new directory and the three ports (http, ajp and shutdown).

Will this create a separate service?

I don’t think the installer supports that? but you can always just manually install the service from the command line

What might be easiest would be to install Tomcat and just deploy more than one Lucee war on it with different AJP listeners. This is more less what the Adobe enterprise instance manager does. Another option would be to use CommandBox to start more than one instance.

Just keep in mind, you can’t have more than one Lucee instance that’s pointing to the same folder on the hard drive or the file locks and OSGI bundles will go south. Each running Lucee server needs to have its own directory.

The attached guide was written for Railo, but the same concepts can be applied to Lucee using the Lucee Windows Installer.

railo_multi-instance-howto.pdf (304.2 KB)

Thanks for the feedback. I managed to configure Lucee as I wanted after reading various posts. I found this helpful