links to mod_cfml files are not available

Appears that links to mod_cfml files are not available… has been down for a while…

This is an old link… Go to:

Maybe a redirect of that old link to the new link isn’t working (@frinky)

Hi, thanks for the notice. I will forward it to Jordan (@utdream) at Viviotech, who is in charge of these pages.

Kind regards,

Paul Klinkenberg

Hi All, just has a simple redirect that sends you to the updated project page on GitHub. The “” URL isn’t intended to be a site unto itself - if there’s a way to add a site to that URL, I’m not sure what it is. My understanding is that it’s just the the root URL for Vivio’s repo’s on GitHub. Each project we have on GitHub can have their own site - which is what we did with mod_cfml.

So, going to just takes you to the project page for that repo.

Bottom line, everything is located on the GitHub repo now. The code, the binaries, and the site - all can be downloaded, updated, and forked via GitHub.