Migration from Railo to Lucee: mod_cfml request authentication failed!

I have a server Win 2008 + IIS + Railo 4.2 and I would like move to Lucee.

I uninstalled railo and I installed Lucee ( BonCode + mod_cfml ) but my
site show this error:
Tomcat Mod_CFML error

mod_cfml request authentication failed!

Can you help me to resolve this issue?–

Hi Emanuele,

The error comes from the “Shared secret key” that is probably misconfigured.
In 2 places, there should be the same setting:

  1. Lucee / Tomcat: open {lucee-root}\conf\server.xml (or {lucee-root}\tomcat\conf\server.xml), and scroll down to the section with <Valve className=“mod_cfml.core” …>
    Inside that tag, there should be an attribute sharedKey="[some key]"
    If it isn’t there, add it, and change [some key] to … some secret key.

  2. Boncode settings file, see http://boncode.net/connector/webdocs/Tomcat_Connector.htm#_Ref314123537 http://boncode.net/connector/webdocs/Tomcat_Connector.htm#_Ref314123537
    Make sure the same [some key] is set in “ModCFMLSecret”
    You will also need to set EnableHeaderDataSupport=True

Note: make sure you are using the latest and greatest mod_cfml.JAR (Tomcat valve), downloaded from here: http://www.modcfml.org/index.cfm/downloads/ http://www.modcfml.org/index.cfm/downloads/

And don’t forget to restart the lot :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Paul Klinkenberg

Good to hear!


Hi Paul!

I have insert tag:


on file c:\windows\BonCodeAJP13.settings and now Lucee run correctly!

I also deleted al folder BIN on all sites.

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