March 2018 Sprint - Lucee 5.2.7-RC


Hi all. Some folks have asked for a fresh discussion topic to cover the current sprint, which will produce Lucee 5.2.7-RC. We still have some spare cycles for March, so please put any and all sprint-related questions/comments/commentary here. Thanks! cc @Zac_Spitzer


now that letsencrypt offers wildcard support, can all the updates/downloads start using https?

server and extension updates are insecurely downloaded over http


Do you have an estimated timeframe for when 5.2.7 would be released (versus RC)?


Yes, we currently allow 4 weeks between RC and Release in order to identify possible regressions and bugs.


I would like to ask, if someone from the Lucee team would at least want to read the following ticket, and give a reply:
It has never had a response in over 2 years. The work I have already done on the mod_cfml side, which is an attempt to improve ease of configuration for Lucee users, took quite long, and is getting stale waiting for any response.
Thanks in advance, keep up the good work :smiley:
Paul Klinkenberg


Thanks, and the RC drops within a few days of 3/31?


Shameless plug for my ticket that prevents me from being able to use Lucee 5:


Hey Jamie. Yes, the RC is generally ready really quickly after the end of the sprint, since there’s less that we have to prepare in the way of announcement/release notes/etc. You can keep an eye on the forum, and/or the downloads site.

Also, the entire 2018 schedule is published, in case you hadn’t seen it:

We stick to that like stink on a pig, as the old saying goes. :wink:

Finally, thanks for the heads-up on ticket 1712. It’s on my radar now. Keep an eye on it for updates.


I’ll take a look now, Paul. Stay tuned!


Thanks, Zac. SSL has been on our agenda for a bit, so this prompt from you is helpful. I’ve added review of the ticket to my to-do list. More soon.


Thanks for adding the labels (L5A, NextSprint), @IamSigmund.

What do they signify? (May sprint? March Sprint?)


Hi, I would see also on one of the next sprints with priority. Caching mechanisms in Lucee are for us very important.