March 2018 Sprint - Lucee 5.2.7-RC


cheers, 1762 is actually already merged :slight_smile:


Ah, missed that. Looks like we need a ticket update soon. Thx.


I have two tiny PRs i’d love too see in 5.2.7 too


We’re doing final builds for 5.2.7-RC now, so I’ll let you know what’s possible.


@IamSigmund 1494 is still broken even though it is marked as deployed, please refer to the latest comments on that issue. I have an open pull request that fixes it. CC @cfmitrah @micstriit

cfajaxproxy throw error while try to access the component


Thanks for the heads-up. FYI, we’re looking into it before doing final RC builds. Stay tuned.


How is the release candidate coming along?


Coming along well, thanks. We had some vacation time + a (European) holiday hit right at the end of the sprint, so that has delayed us a couple days. We’ll have the RC out soon.