Maintaining TomCat with Lucee

Although upgrading Lucee frequently, I’m concerned about making a change/upgrade to Java/tomcat… Is there a recommendation and general approach to updating these as to not break Lucee? Windows server

I’ve witten a little follow-up some time ago. You can find it here Upgrade tomcat 9 server wont start (RESOLVED) - #2 by andreas

Please also read all the posts along the thread. @Knut added some really useful stuff. Wanted to add that to the docs, but hadn’t had any time lately.


Andreas’ reply answers the Tomcat update question. While it applies to Linux, the principle is the same in Windows, i.e. update the Tomcat LIB and BIN folders.

To update Java, download the 64bit JRE version of Java 11 from
Select ZIP format for Windows, GZ for others.

Backup Java (e.g. C:\lucee\jre)

Stop the Lucee service.

Delete the contents of the JRE folder.

Copy the contents of the download to the JRE folder, ensuring that you have the same folder structure as before (BIN, CONF, LEGAL, and LIB sub-folders).

Start the Lucee service.

If you have trusted certificates then you don’t need to trust them again, as Lucee keeps the trusted certificates in a different keystore to Java.

If you need to rollback then reverse the procedure, reinstalling the backup.


Super, thanks