Upgrade tomcat 9 server wont start (RESOLVED)

Hi @jvc,

because I need to upgrade my Tomcat too, I just did the upgrade from Apache Tomcat/9.0.40 to (latest version). It’s up in running on my dev environment. I did the following procedure (please excuse that I’m not providing all in terminal command lines here, cause l’m not a command line expert and I like using tunneled GUIs on Ubuntu),

  1. Step: Backup your Tomcat folder /opt/lucee/tomcat to /opt/lucee/tomcat_backup, so you can rollback at sometime if necessary.

  2. Step: download the latest Tomcat (latest as today) with:
    wget https://dlcdn.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-9/v9.0.54/bin/apache-tomcat-9.0.54.tar.gz

  3. Step: extract the archive with
    $ tar -xvzf apache-tomcat-9.0.54.tar.gz to /home/username/apache-tomcat-9.0.54/

  4. Step: stop Lucee:
    $ sudo /opt/lucee/lucee_ctl stop

  5. Step: copy the files in /home/username/apache-tomcat-9.0.54/lib/ to /opt/lucee/tomcat/lib/ (overwriting old files)

  6. Step: copy the files from /home/username/apache-tomcat-9.0.54/bin/ to /opt/lucee/tomcat/bin/ (overwriting old files). You’ll note that setenv.sh will be left unchanged. Keep that file right there, because it has the starting configuration settings for Tomcat/Lucee created by the Lucee installer. That file is still valid and needed.

  7. Step: Give the user that is running tomcat on your machine “read and execution” permisson for the copied files in /opt/lucee/tomcat/bin/ (execution permission is needed by the shell script files)

  8. Step: Give the user that is running tomcat on your machine read permisson for the copied files in /opt/lucee/tomcat/jar/

  9. Step: Start Lucee/Tomcat with
    $ sudo /opt/lucee/lucee_ctl start

Then watch the catalina logs.

It’s always good to update Lucee to the latest stable release. You can update Lucee from within your Lucee Server Administrator. Also, I always like to backup my Lucee Server Administrators/Lucee Web Administrator settings before doing such upgrades (just to be sure).

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