Lucee documentation visual and navigation improvements

  • tweaked the css, condensing the display of documentation, reducing padding, margins and font sizes
  • sourcemaps are included in local doc server mode, to make hacking easier
  • minified files are wrapped at 120 characters, instead of all on one long line
  • the initial toggle state for the open folder collapse icon has been fixed
  • all content under guides, are now included as top level menu items




Leet nice one. You might be interested in that uses the same system and has made some improvements like an in-page table of contents generated from the headers in the page. e.g.

Would totally be interested in merging this in @Zackster

ah, interesting…

all the work I’ve done is here

could you try it out and let me know if you find any problems? I just finished the first cut of the local editing

should I file a PR?

For sure, yes please :slight_smile: If there’s any feedback, can work through it using GitHub reviews on the PR. Easy to try it out from the PR too.

Is it possible to install this documenttaion locally Under IIS7 ?
Under Lucee V5 or Coldfusion.
Not sure to understand all.
Thanks for help.

it has it’s own server, you just install command box, check out the docs from github and run serve.bat/sh

Can I use IIS7 already installed ?
And what sgould be the starting URL ?
What file starts the doc : xxxxxxxx.cfm ?

Thanks to help.

it’s completely standalone, it’s runs up it’s own local version of lucee and web server.

serve.bat will open the documentation homepage after it has started up, it defaults to unless that port is already in use

OK, then,
where must be located the first file , serve.bat file ?
Can it be Under a sub-directory like ?
So where should be located the dir “lucee_docs” ?

Not Under c:\inetpub\wwwroot ?
what equivalence ?

Thanks again.

  • install command box
  • fork the lucee docs repo
  • clone/checkout a local copy of the forked repo into any directory (it doesn’t need to be under your webroot)
  • you’ll find the serve.bat file in the root dir

Well, I have

  • installed Commandbox, in c:\commandbox directory and run box.exe
  • Copied/installed the lucee-docs in a c:\lucee_docs directory, I get the serve.bat in that directory

Where to run server.bat ?
and when running

Sorry, but I do not understand well all of this,
I never used commanbox, I do not know what it is.
I understand I can have Lucee docs locally as an Local URL.


run serve.bat in the c:\lucee_docs directory?

there are a few merge errors which need to be merged before it’s gonna work

I ran serve.bat in c:\lucee_docs through the Windows DOS command prompt,
is that the right place ?

I got errors : box stop name : luceedocslocalserver
‘box’ not recognized (in french) etc…

Your advise ? Thanks.

you might need to reboot to pick up the path changes (commandbox needs to be in your path)

the above fixes I mentioned have been committed

I have rebooted, same situation.
What do you mean by : “commandbox needs to be in your path”

I do not understand the installation
What is “in your path” ? is that c:\lucee_docs ?
Is commandbox not installed in the right place ?

Thanks for help.

in order to be able to use commandbox (i.e. box.exe) from any other directory than the directory it is installed in,
you need to add that directory to the system path.

I give up,
I do not understand how lucee_docs and commandbox are installed

I do not understand where should be located commandbox and serve.bat

Thanks, Pierre.

Great to see so many good changes going through the docs… if anyone has a chance, would be great to get some open graph metadata onto the pages so we can “onebox” into the forums.

For example, without “onebox”;

For example; with “onebox”;

A basic “onebox” supports oEmbed or OpenGraph:

:point_up: Ironically neither site supports its own format…

“OneBoxing” can be tested here:

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great suggestion! i have added both client and publishing support for oembed and twitter cards

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