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Perhaps there is some lost in translation, but the answers have been given here (may require a little research on your part).

The only piece you are missing though is having commandbox in your path. The PATH environment variable is a list of directories that contain executable files. When you enter the name of an executable in your command prompt, the system will look through all the directories in your PATH variable and try to find the executable there. The PATH variable is a concept used in Linux, OSX and Windows.

This means that you can run “box” command (its an executable file) from any directory in a command prompt.

To help setting up the PATH environment variable in Windows, see the link that Brad supplied. TL;DR:

Unzip the executable box.exe and just double click on it to open the shell. When you are finished running commands, you can just close the window, or type exit.

You can make the box.exe available in any Windows terminal by adding its location to the PATH system environment variable. See


Adding new pages to the docs was never easier, the 404 page in local mode
now includes the option to create a new page


which then shows the inline page editor


The docs now have all the object methods added in


I have added in cross referenced breadcrumbs, helps with exploring



in the spirit of encouraging exploring the docs

  • I’ve added categories to the breadcrumbs
  • there is also a new open a random documentation page button next to the search button


I removed the enormous distracting Arguments/Attributes headings (see above) as the table already has
a header row and reduced the heading size for the remaining headings. I also removed the brackets
around the argument type i.e. “string, required” as it was just distracting

For functions I moved the example usage up below the description

I’d like to do the same for tags, but the example is currently very long (each attribute is on a new line) and there’s also a bug with the highlighting of the initial bracket for optional attributes



Google has started to pick up the breadcrumb metadata :slight_smile:


This is seriously cool @Zac_Spitzer!!