Lucee default welcome page changes

Hi all, I have updated the default Lucee 6 (and 5) “Welcome to your install page”, as it contains old code and libraries. This gave us errors in our security reports, so I’d thought I’d give it a quick rinse and update. have done so by removing old unnecessary files, updating jQuery and Bootstrap and changed the index-template accordingly. Now I’d like to add my changes as a pullrequest to the Lucee core. How do I go about doing this. I have access to the BitBucket repo of Lucee and can change code in all files in all branches (it seems), but I assume someone wants to take a look at my changes up front :wink:

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Windows
Java Version: 11
Tomcat Version: 9
Lucee Version: 6

I don’t know if Lucee uses Bitbucket.
As far as I know, the files for the welcome page should be here:


Just create a fork of the project on Github and upload your changes there. Then you can create a pull request for the project and someone can review your changes.

The welcome page in the lucee-dockerfiles repo is a copy from elsewhere. If the source has been updated then I can update it there too.

I was talking to Micha recently and he raised this as well, so it may be done very soon.