Lucee Admin asks for password at every click

Hey gang,
Weird issue I have never encountered before.
When using either server or web admins,…
I can initially login fine - but as soon as I click on any item - I am kicked out and prompted to login, again.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: “Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS”
Java Version: 11.0.18+10
Tomcat Version: 8.xxxx
Lucee Version:

Many an odd Lucee admin issue can be fixed by clearing your cookies.

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Hi Brad,
Thanks - I forgot to mention that I did that.
I even tried to use incognito mode, too - to no avail.

Then maybe it’s the other way around. Is your browser configured not to accept cookies?

Is this happening in a single browser, or in more than one? Does the server have any sort of special settings for session storage in place?

Have you tried another browser, e.g. firefox if you usually use chrome, just to rule out that its an server or browser issue? I had a very similar issue once with chrome, tried then on firefox and everything was fine. I had to delete cookies, emtpy the complete browsers cache and even the browsers history… That only resolved the issue.

Thanks @andreas - I’ll give it a try.