ready for testing

Hey everyone, we have a new out which addresses all the known regressions with 5.4.3

Builds are up, including docker images, It would be great if people can test this out and let us know


Just prepping which fixes the nested loading of pages on the admin overview page

I also missed updating one file in the, so please only test this version

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When can a new prod build be expected? Right now the latest prod 5.4.3 (namely has an admin console bug, and the latest prod 5.4.2 ( is affected by an unspecified CVE.

probably on Friday, it’s just going to be the same code published with the SNAPSHOT in the version

We are waiting to feedback, to ensure we have a nice stable release

This leaves me very confused as it implies is buggy and the phrase “this version” is vague.
More confusion arises from absent information for later snapshots up to as of Sep 17, 2023.
Which is the unambiguous version number recommended for resolving the known Admin site issues?

@Zackster I followed @sebduggan recommendation you provided him. Thank you.

Now that has been released, will there not be a new stable version of 5.4.3 ? The current stable version has known issue. Just trying to follow along here.

there will be a 5.4.4 stable release probably today


What are the prospects for the next Stable Release?

5.4.4 Stable is scheduled for tomorrow.

People have been testing all the regressions addressed in snapshots over the last few weeks.

Anyone wanting to test and letting us know how they go, would be appreciated

the epic for this build is [LDEV-4678] - Lucee

There are no new core features in this release, just regression fixes + 1 CVE update for commons-compress

We do have some minor updates for the PDF extensions and some region handling fixes for the S3 extension too (i.e. the latest snapshots for them)

Google OSV Scanner reports “No vulnerabilities found” :slight_smile: for Lucee core

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The announcement seen.
How is the 5.4.4 Stable Release doing?

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Same code, as per that post

That’s good to know. Will 5.4.4 Sable Release still occur and if so when?

Adding to confusion is directing users down 5.4.4.x SNAPHOT path then announcing RC instead of completing previously stated 5.4.4 Stable Release plan.

The experts should drive the release process but users need to follow as it’s a key tool in our service delivery chain.

Providing users with complete point in time updates as plans inevitably change will be very appreciated.

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