Lucee Release Candidate

more to come, I’m still recovering from CFCAMP which was amazing

Tickets Since BETA 2

LDEV-1856 - cfhttp charset is not working
LDEV-4200 - unhide _internalRequest as internalRequest for 6.0
LDEV-4478 - update hibernate extension dom4j lib due to CVEs
LDEV-4515 - sessionCookie settings missing from getApplicationMetadata
LDEV-4545 - Regression in precisionEvaluate between Lucee 5 & 6
LDEV-4549 - disable processing requests during upgrade
LDEV-4550 - Upgrading to v5.4.0.65 failed due to Felix installation
LDEV-4556 - string lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: lucee.runtime.type.dt.DateTimeImpl; local class incompatible:
LDEV-4559 - When switch from multi mode to single web admin password is used
LDEV-4562 - switching between multi and single does not replace the config object
LDEV-4566 - cfadmin getResourceProviders crashes
LDEV-4570 - Lucee admin shows blank page in
LDEV-4575 - Incomplete language resource Json files causes the Lucee admin to crash

Regressions / TODO


Previous BETA


How are people going with testing this out? feedback is really important

I’m testing it on two very simple web sites, and I haven’t found any incompatibilities.
I liked the color change of the cfcs in the cfdump :sunglasses:

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In our dev issue we’re seeing a slight issue with Redis caching, doesn’t always seem to save, but I’ve not yet had time to narrow down a simple replicable test

Scheduled tasks with interval “every” don’t run.
(Tested on CentOS Stream 8)
Tasks with interval “daily” are executed.
When I switch back to Lucee, the tasks with interval “every” are executed.

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anyone testing please try the latest 6 SNAPSHOT (currently 496) it’s all only bug fixes as we are in RC mode

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please everyone start a new thread for each issue, this is impossible to keep track of and reply

Rolling a taffy api for a small client… we’ll see how it holds up.

If you need me to test anything in particular, I’m in your timezone (and city) :wink:

haha, I’m back in berlin again… there’s a 6.0.0519-RC out, release notes coming soon

been flat chat getting the latest stables out