Java 17 support status update

One of the blockers on the long road to getting java 17 fully supported was the removal of the nashorn javascript engine in java 15, as the build uses some javascript for various steps. We do dogfood Lucee for some major steps, but the javascript scriptx engine is much faster for little things

LDEV-3807 - Java 17 support
LDEV-3526 - Update Felix to 6.0.5 to support Java >= 16

I have had a few stabs at getting Nashorn working, and I can finally say we can now build Lucee 6 using java 17

LDEV-3820 - update ant build scripts to support java 15 which doesn’t bundle a javascript scriptx engine

There are still a number of things which don’t work with Java 17 yet, a number of test cases are failing, but we are making progress!

Base line for Lucee 6 is Java 11, Java 8 is supported as long as we can

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Fantastic news, nice work Zac!

  1. Can we get an update to what versions of lucee currently/will have support Java 17 (and also Tomcat10).
  2. What is the main bottleneck here (what combo of time/money/resources?)

Chris Dawes

Full Java 17 support is slated for a 6.x release and yes like everything else it’s a question of resources, if people want to dive in and work on the known issues, that would be welcome.

Tomcat 10 and the javax / servlet namespace changes are really problematic and these issues cascade thru all the extensions and downstream libraries we use, as such that’s probably going to require a major release.

Our current focus is supporting 5.4 and getting the first 6.0 release finalised


Now that Lucee 6 is out what is the status of Java 17 support?