How is the planning for code examples?

So this thread is 3 years old and there is, but how is the planning for code examples?

There are code examples embedded within the docs for tags, functions and objects. In many instances they will run in situ via a embed.

For example:

Contributions and improvements to the documentation are most welcome!

Thanks both, so the examples that do exist looking great, especially with, awesome, questions:

  1. Is there a reference to which part are undocumented or is it just a matter of scouting the docs and provide examples where needed?

  2. How do you provide the examples?

if you want to contribute examples, i have made it really easy

fork and install the docs locally

when you open the docs, there is now an interactive editor which replaces
the github edit links on the live site


That is pretty awesome, gonna read up on it and see what I can do.


There is another one:

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