How can I Set Up Lucee CFML with Tomcat and Apache on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

Please I need tutorials on how to setup lucee with tomcat and apache on a ubuntu VPS. I need to set this up as my VPS will expire this month. Please help

What steps have you tried? Did you encounter any errors? For the most part, if you already have Apache installed, just download and run the Linux installer and you’re done. It should pretty much just work out of the box.

I have tried this with this installer

wget -O

but it is not working

Please help me everyone

You’ll need to provide us with more information than “it’s not working”. Did you get an error? If so, provide it to us. We can’t read your mind :slight_smile:

IT installed successfully but each time i run the ip address on my browser it brings

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

And if i try to restart the tomcat, it says tomcat not running

So… a windows system then. What version of Windows are you using and what version of the Installer are you trying to run? Old versions of the Installer do NOT work on new versions of Windows. What URL are you hitting when you “run the ip address in your browser”? Just the IP and no additional ports?

4.5.2 is pretty old, why not install the latest stable release

it is a linux VPS

Give this a try. Not sure what steps you have taken, but this will at least give you a general idea of how to deal with Lucee.

Make sure to download the latest stable release ( ). Then you will need to install Apache and config the connectors. Boom, you got a VPS!

So sorry guys, had a problem with my laptop, but it is fixed now. I have successfully installed lucee on the Ubuntu VPS. The only problem now is hosting a website on it.

please help me out

@lixmayor what are you asking for help with? none of us are mind readers :slight_smile:

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I have successfully set up the lucee on the ubuntu 16.04 VPS and once I hit the IP Address on my browser, It shows “You are now successfully running Lucee on your system!”. the problem now is how to host website on the VPS

ok, what website do you want to host? an existing one?

No, I built the website myself. This is actually my first time on hosting. I have never host any website before.

now that you have lucee up and running, the next step is to copying your websites files into to the webroot on the vps

the site you have built uses cfml? or is it a static website (html, js, css and images)

Yes, it uses cfml.

Please help, Is anybody here?