DoS attack? support needed in Germany

for two weeks, my German client (Windows/MySQL/Lucee) had increasing problems with Lucee quickly going to 100% and the server stopping to respond. He is setting up a new server now because the old one was too old anyway. In the meantime he tried to point his domain to an old dev server which now shows the same symptoms. My feeling is that he could suffer from some kind of DoS attack that would flare up on the new server too as soon as he points his domain there.
I’m retired and not really working for him any longer, and I’m just a programmer and don’t know much about these things anyway. Is there anyone, ideally in Germany, who could support him?

Michael, before proposing alternatives for consulting help, it may help you/them and others to hear first that if it really is a DOS attack, I’ll note that a simple fix could be to have him route his traffic through cloudflare. Their free account specifically protects against that (and offers still other benefits). Their paid plans (relatively low cost) offer still more.

Maybe it’s not a true DOS attack, though, but instead one or more of the aggressive bots discussed recently here. There were options discussed there suitable to windows and not requiring coding effort.

But finally as for someone to help, in Germany, the folks behind FusionReactor are based there and offer consulting, but they tend to pass that on to me. I can also help directly and without the 4-hour minimum they ask for (which can be used over time, to be clear). I’m in the US, but I work with clients worldwide via screenshare.

I’d help discern WHAT the problem was on the old server, if possible. And then it could be addressed on the old or new servers. It could easily be less than a couple hours of effort, though we can’t know until we dig in.

I’ll add that I offer a satisfaction guarantee: folks won’t pay me for any time they find not valuable. And we’ll work together so they know what’s being done. More at Charlie Arehart's Server Troubleshooting Consulting Services.


thanks for the quick and detailed reply Charlie, much appreciated. Our CF colleague Michael Hnat from Munich was even faster though, he wrote me an hour ago and is now in contact with my client - I hope they will find out what’s wrong. In case they won’t, we’ll get back to your offer of course!

Oh sure, and hope that goes well for all involved. Again, I wanted to help with what I shared here (for you and others) beyond hoping to “get the work”. :slight_smile:

CPU or RAM or both?

I hope you’ll update us here even if they DO find out what’s wrong. As the author of the above-mentioned recent bots gone wild post (thanks @carehart!), I’m curious to know how widespread that issue is.