Clearing out loaded classes / non-heap memory

We’ve got an open bug report here: [LDEV-2904] Non-Heap Memory Increases Till Server Crashes - Lucee but while we wait for it to hopefully be fixed,I’m wondering if anyone has any workaround ideas for us so we can remain updated without crashing.

In a nutshell, ever since Lucee, Lucee has been continually loading classes that it already has, which then fills up non-heap memory and crashes. ie: before updating, after 7 days, we had 21k classes loaded. After updating, after 7 hours, we had 70k classes loaded.

Is there any way to clear these out, or other ideas other than restarting?

Normally we’d just downgrade, but seems like some other components (Java Mail/S3) are now less happy being downgraded.