BUG: Scheduled Task Starts Before Scheduled Date - Please fix!

Using Lucee (Gelert).
Scheduled a task to start July 19 2022. 12:01 AM
It ran last night (July 16th) 12:01 AM) instead.

What could cause this? (note task is currently paused, but here is the snipet from the scheduler for the task)

task url=“https://www.----.com:443/tasknamehere.cfm” unique=“false” timeout=“50000” startTime="{t ‘00:01:00’}" startDate="{d ‘2022-07-19’}" resolveUrl=“false” readonly=“false” publish=“false” proxyUser="" proxyPort=“0” proxyPassword="" proxyHost="" port=“443” paused=“true” name=“turtle1” interval=“70” hidden=“false” endTime="{t ‘23:59:00’}" autoDelete=“false”/

NOTE: I confirmed that this appears to be a bug. I just now set up a scheduled task to run tommorrow at 11AM every 1.0 minutes, ending at 11:05 (i.e run 5x). The task ran 5 times today at 11AM.

So, specifically a task set to run every 1 minute for a future date and at a specific start time appears triggers on the current date not the future date.

Let me know if you need additional info. Running Windows 2019 server.