Advice - migrate older coldfusion application

Java: 1.8.0_281
Tomcat Version 7.0.20

due for an upgrade. so maybe I should do that first, but I had issue with JDBC access to Microsoft Access caused by the Java/OS upgrade when I tried to do a “lift and shift” upgrade to Windows 2019.
ie fresh lucee install on a new server… then just migrate apps to the new server.

The JDBC/ODBC connector issue made the new environment extremely unreliable/unstable. So I powered off the new server and am rethinking my approach.

Ideally I could get a FRESH upgraded environment that allows Lucee to relaibly connect to MSACCESS, does any one have a working example I could emulate?

or if I do need to upgrade the DB… what STACK should I go with?
I assume LINUX… but any recommendations for the lucee stack?
components like tomcat, java, database

these are 15-20 year old apps - not really looking to a major code rewrite but acknowledging I’d need to review/tweak every DB query in the app to move to a new DB.

and the apps aren’t going away any time soon. so launching on a new stack might have some advantages when building out or redesigning the apps in the future.

but I just want the simplest (ok balanced) upgrade that keeps the legacy app working without too much effort.

reasonably recent updates to the project.
pretty sure I had problems (my understanding probably) with this in the past… but maybe I can get the most recent version running.

I’ll try on a LUCEE EXPRESS on LINUX

Lucee is stable on both Linux and Windows.

My suggestion is download the latest version of tomcat 9.X
Install Lucee stable as a WAR

You can recreate the table(s) and database inside H2 (comes with Lucee) or use MS SQL Express Server (it has a 10 GB limit, access has 1 TB limit), or use mariadb for windows.

For Linux, I suggest Debian, as ubuntu is built upon the unstable debian channel. Debian is stable and free or RHEL / ALMALINUX (If you want Paid or Free support)

I’ll give this a shot. thank you.
try windows first. tomcat 9.x with Lucee as a WAR.
and test connectivity to H2 and play with migrating one of the DBs

and maybe trying to get the UCanAccess working too. but it could be the migration to and use of H2 is very easy.

thx for the feedback.

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