Migrate old CF applications from Windows to Linux with Access as DB

I migrate old CF applications from Windows to Linux with Access as DB.
This is the actual config :
Linux debian 10
php 7.3
apache 2.4
Ucanaccess 5 (driver Lucee-Access mdb par JDBC)

I do not use PHP, Only LUCEE.
If I can help, would be good to exchange point of view and problems with that config.
For the moment, all is working well, I had some technical problems to solve.
I think now, that config is stable and working fine.
I am not a Linux/Apache expert, so I need on my side to improve on this.
Pierre (France/Europe).

Unless access is doing something ulra “cool” I would highly suggest converting your access file to something else as time and resources permit.

Additionally you can remove php from your production server. Clone it, back up your config but the procedure is something close to

apt-get remove php*
systemctl restart apache2

I like Access as DB, because it is very simple and flexible. (for small sites)
I have a .mdb file (a single file) as the DB and as the datasource in CFML.
I can just copy the .mdb file , modify anything I want, and reload the .mdb file
(I have Access97 installed on my PC). Also easy for backup.
I know it is old and limited, but working.

So , what do you suggest as DB, to have a so simple database,
I mean a single file containing the whole database (no install, no config).

I would like to change to a newer database, but very simple to manipulate.

Thanks, Pierre.

H2 is closest thing to simple yet scalable as it gets.

SQLlite is a close second