Final Release Candidate 3

This is the final Release Candidate for 5.3.9 before we go stable.

Subject to any problems, we aim to release a stable version next week.

Please give the new build a spin and let us know of any problems you find

Here is the list of tickets addressed since RC2

LDEV-3908 - <cfstoredproc /> is not returning correct exception when MSSQL when raiserror() is used
LDEV-3910 - 5.3.9 regression, unknown content type causes null pointer exception
LDEV-3911 - 5.3.9 regression, cookie encoding/decoding problems
LDEV-3761 - _internalRequest() doesn’t work with cfcontent
LDEV-3860 - Error occurred in the transaction block with ORM throws the different exception

Previous 5.3.9 RC Release Notes

5.3.9 Sprint Board

Code changes


Finally I had time to install it on a Ubuntu prod server. Running it :smiley:


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Could we get a Docker image built for this @justincarter ? seems to be the latest on Docker Hub - Docker Hub

I guess this is waiting for Justin to have some more time. The site is telling me he’s only been on for ten minutes in the last two months.

Is anyone else able to kick of Docker builds ?