Blog links broken on

I’m not sure where to post this, but all of the links on Lucee :: Blog seem to be broken. It looks like the URLs are missing the ID at the end.

@modius @Dominic_Watson @sanderbruinsma Any of you guys know how the page on the site works?

For example, the link to Final Release Candidate 3 is

when it seems it should be

so it just redirects to the Discourse FAQ page instead. I’m curious if the links used to work without the ID and this is a Discourse change :thinking:

edit: it seems some links work and others don’t-- perhaps based on whether the title has been updated. Per this thread, we should always be using the numeric ID at the end of the URL to ensure the link works:

On it. We have an extension that syncs topics from Discourse into the Preside based site. It was not appending the ID on URLs.

Fix for this building now and I will re-run the sync once done.


Looks good now. Thanks for the quick fix!

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:rocket: literally just finished running the fixed sync.

Thanks for reporting!