WSDL Dump?


We just converted an application from CF9 to Lucee. We have most things
buttoned up, but we are having issues with calling a remote CFC without
passing the “?WSDL” parameter dumps the CFC to the screen. Is there a way
around that in a setting or should we try using a URL redirect to append
the “?WSDL” parameter to the call?


Hope you are doing well.

Did you ever get your problem figured out cause we are having the same issue coming from CF9

I just tried this on Lucee 5 and I got this message:

To see details for this component you need to enable debug output

Can you confirm if you have debug output currently enabled? If so, it sounds like turning this off (which you wouldn’t certainly do in production) should take care of the issue.

Change your cdc calls from

removing the “wsdl&” from the url string. This will not give you the wsdl dump in Lucee.