Windows Terminal CommandBox Love

I am not sure if anyone is already doing this, but it is easy to add CommandBox to the new Windows Terminal so that it launches in its own tab. Just thought I would share this.

If you edit the ‘settings’ for Windows Terminal you can add an item to the profiles.list array like this:

	"guid": "{b463ae62-4e3d-5e58-b989-0a998ec441b8}",
	"hidden": false,
	"name": "CommandBox",
	"commandline": "C://commandbox//box.exe",
	"icon": "C://commandbox//box.png",
	"colorScheme": "Campbell"

Obviously replace the path to box.exe to suit your setup. I downloaded the icon from somewhere on the Ortus Solutions site or GitHub. This will then give you CommandBox as an option:


And you can launch CommandBox in its own tab:

If you want this to be the default tab that opens when you start Windows Terminal, edit the defaultProfile setting to use the guid for CommandBox.


h thanks, Martin!
it was just what I looking for! :smiley:

I’ve also fallen in love with many ortus stuff recently. Even if you don’t need to launch any servers with commandbox, it has really great tools like cfconfig to backup/export/import server/web-settings, or installing a simple coldbox page. I’m still in the process of modernizing my coding and setup and Ortus has been a great help, such as lots of valuable default configuration files for editor extensions, cflint and many more to look into. It has been fun lately.


I agree. CommandBox (along with Lucee of course) is the best thing to happen to CF for as long as I can remember. :+1:


I noticed that you used the Ortus logo instead of the CommandBox logo as the app icon. (It’s hard to find an existing logo without the text.)

Here’s the source that I cropped and used:


thanks @Jamo!


(without tagline… too small on icon)

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Thank you @martin!

I suggest add this line to support bullet Train module
“fontFace” : “DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline”


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