Windows download broken link

Windows link broken.

it’s throwing…

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

also, as it’s cloudfront and it offers SSL OOTB, could downloads be offered over SSL?

Apologies for that. A little bit of ongoing housekeeping; moving things about. Hopefully this is resolved quickly.

That’s a great idea. Do you need SSL downloads because of network restrictions in your environment?

The link now redirected to the older EXE
not 3.35

Is that intentional?

Regarding updates and downloads over SSL It’s 2017, all executable downloads and update checks should be done using SSL. It has been considered best practise for a long time, it’s easy to enable and avoids Lucee being potentially flagged
as insecure software during any infosec auditing

Even the lucee documentation recommends it :slight_smile:

i have filed an issue

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