Windows cfdirectory tag and UNC Paths

Windows 2019

Afternoon all,
Just wanted to share a weird behavior with our Lucee environment. We had a file that used the cfdirectory tag to list files from a UNC path on the network. It was erroring with a “An unexpected network error occurred” message.

We run Lucee Tomcat using a domain user account which is included in the share and NTFS permissions of the “data” subfolder being referenced. I used the ProcessMonitor tool to monitor how the Tomcat9 process traversed the share/folder structure. While it does initially query the “data” subfolder, it then starts querying the parent root folder and works it’s way back down to the subfolder.

The domain user account did not have permission at the parent root folder. So this is why we were getting the error. Granting it permission at the root folder fixed the issue.

I don’t know why, but Lucee wants to traverse the entire UNC folder path if you use a child subfolder in a cfdirectory tag. Hopefully this will help out others.


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