Wiindows authentication and CommandBox

Is it possible to use Windows authentication with CommandBox install of Lucee? Or is installation of IIS required?

@psarin Can you be more specific about what you’re asking? is this in regards to connecting to a datasource with a domain account, or are you asking about active directory based NTLM auth for your actual web app?

For the active directory based NTLM auth for my web app. :slight_smile: With IIS in front, I can activate Window Auth and the CGI.AUTH_USER variable is filled out. If I only have Lucee via CommandBox, is there a way to get the username of logged in Windows user (ie, have CGI.AUTH_USER filled out). I think I already know the answer (no!) but just wanted to check.

Honestly, I’m not sure. Just getting the username of the windows domain user is different than the web server actually enforcing access. Undertow supports that, but we’ve never exposed it in CommandBox. If you want to use AD auth you may find it easiest to sit IIS in front and then proxy that back to CommandBox.

There is Waffle (Windows Only) and non-free JESPA that add NTLM Auth.