Who is Speaking at CFCamp 2019 Part 1

Who will be at the CFCamp conference this year? In the upcoming blogs we will introduce you to the speakers of one of the coolest web developers conferences this year!

Charlie Arehart
A veteran server troubleshooter who has worked in enterprise IT for more than three decades, Charlie Arehart is a longtime community contributor who, as an independent consultant, provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and experience levels.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/charlie-arehart.html

Eleftheria Batsou
I currently work as an App Developer and am freelancing as a designer and a content creator. ,You can find a couple of my courses on PacktPub and Udemy (about coding) or Skillshare (about UX design). I am also involved in a master’s degree which is about graphical arts and multimedia. In my limited free time, I create youtube videos for my youtube channel. I enjoy long walks in nature and coffee with good friends :slight_smile:
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/eleftheria-batsou.html

Miguel Beltran
Miguel Beltran is a freelance consultant specializing in mobile development for Android and Flutter. He has been working in tech for more than a decade developing products for remote international teams. He is a public speaker since 2016, and has published online courses for Android development on Pluralsight.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/miguel-beltran.html

Wil de Bruin
Wil graduated in Environmental Sciences and started off his career as a research microbiologist. It took him almost 10 years before he continued full time as an IT specialist. In 1994 he founded Site4U BV, at that time a company specializing in software development and web design. One of his first applications was to find Dutch ISPs at local area rates written in PHP/Mini SQL, but soon he discovered these kinds of interactive websites could be more easily built with DBML using Cold Fusion by Allaire.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/wil-de-bruin.html

What to expect from CFCamp
What makes CFCamp so special? Last year we interviewed some of the speakers at CFCamp 2018. Want to know what they said? Have a look at