Where to find last word on Supported Java version for each Lucee version

Hi all,
Version 11.0.16 of the Java Development Kit was released last week. This got me searching the web for the most recent Java version supported by each Lucee version. Something similar to Adobe ColdFusion’s well-known “Support Matrix”.

I’ve been searching for some days now. It has as yet been impossible for me to find such information for Lucee. In fact, I found information that seems outdated, contradictory or wrong.

For example, if you look at the Lucee Features page you will find the following:

Supported Java Versions: Lucee 5.3 supports Java 8-10
CFML Compatibility: Lucee 5.3 supports ColdFusion 2018

However, as of last week, ColdFusion 2018 can run on JDK 11.0.16 . Which is incompatible with the information on the Lucee site.

I would be grateful if you could point me to information on the supported Java version for each recent Lucee version.

Each release post here states the supported java versions, which is basically Java 8 and 11. I’m getting the lucee.org page updated.

Lucee 5.3.x installers all bundle Java 11, upgrading between point releases i.e 11.0.15 to 11.0.16 is usually pretty safe, but as always, you’ll need to do your own testing

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Hi Zac,
Thanks for the information.
Very helpful and the answer to my question.