Where can I find the Lucee "Beer"-Tag-Extension-Example?

Hi everyone… I just wanted to take a look at the quick & simple code tag extension named “Beer” from Extensions in Lucee 5 :: Lucee Documentation . I’ve seen it somewhere in the past, but I can’t find anything in any repository (no github search is giving me any examples. Does anyone know where I can find/get it? I know there are many examples for extensions (e.g. cfajax), but I just want to take a look at a very basic, clean and simple example.

This is all I’m seeing that seems relevant - FWIW other search results seem NSFW so browse with caution.

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@Phillyun great thx! I think my searching skills are getting worse :wink: . That link posted at the JIRA ticket and the NL domain is from @frinky , a well known dev. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much from him lately. But I found this bucket with a quick search. As you said, I don’t know who is responsable for that, but its valid taking a look at the code. It’s not the extension, but that is something I can take a look at later. I’m thinking building something similar and simple for the docs.