Where are the Lucee installers?

Hi everyone, wanted to do a fresh install of Lucee 5.3.x, but all the installers are gone from the Downloads section? What’s up? What happened? What to do? Kind regards.

likewise - am anxiously awaiting the installers

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Gack! Not sure what happened there. It’s possible that in the build madness that was the 5.3.1 final release, something got goofed or missed there. Checking with @Jordan_Michaels and @micstriit, who coordinate on this when we do final releases.

Hi guys,

Just got back in town after being gone for a week or so. This is probably my fault for not uploading it to multiple locations. Sorry! I will take care of it ASAP. @IamSigmund @micstriit @bdw429s

No worries at all, Jordan. Hope you had a good trip. Thanks for the quick reply.

You’re welcome!

Okay, the Installers are up (https://download.lucee.org/?releases=7FEAC6D858172E4CF547B4CC3DD80961#core) but the version was never built, so I will need to build those. I should be able to get those done some time next week.

Hope this helps!



Installers for Lucee pl0 are now up: https://download.lucee.org/ [Release Notes]