Where are the list of SNAPSHOT artifacts?

Side note, I can see in JIRA but no;

Where are you looking to see a list of SNAPSHOT artifacts (i.e. do you have a particular URL/endpoint)? On the odd occasion there are SNAPSHOTS that exist on the update providers that don’t line up with Git tags or JIRA versions, so I’ve been wondering about those myself. It could just be the result of a developer workflow/convenience thing but I haven’t figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent question @justincarter, the builds are a sort of enigma and JIRA doesn’t always match what’s out there. I’m pretty sure those are just created manually and tend to have gaps in them You can always see the latest builds on the Lucee download page however which is driven by the data that comes directly from Maven.

You can see that even another 5.3.4 snapshot came out today and in the “snapshot” drop down the latest in the 5.3.4 line is now


And to answer your question very specifically, the job that now auto-publishes new Lucee builds to ForgeBox uses the following REST API endpoint to get the list of all valid versions.



Ahh awesome, thanks for the link. I don’t know if it’s a problem as such but at least I can use that to keep an eye on things :slight_smile:

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