Where Am I doing wrong?

I have task to migrate a service from Java 8 to 17 and I successfully solved code base deprecated errors and sevice is building and running successfully. But when I run one of the api I got this error on " .save " method in service impl. Class.

Error -
error :org.hibernate.query.sqm.unknownentityexception : could not resolve root entity ‘dual’

But I am not using any entity name - dual

I am using hibernate version - 6.4.4

I have added ojdbc11 in pom.xml as it’s compatible with jdk17 and hibrnate 6.4.4

I have Google it and got it in first stack overflow but they all are using that particular root entity in their code but not in my case. I literally spend whole day trying to tackle this error but can’t find any solution. Plz can someone help !!

Lucee is not supported on Java 17.

See: [LDEV-3807] - Lucee

Instead install the latest java11 version and then go sponsor the update for the foundation to hire out some time to make it so.