When will Lucee 5.0 be ready for ContentBox 3.7x

Hi Guys, I would really like to be able to move all ContentBox clients running ColdBox 4.3 over to Lucee 5.0. According to Brad Woods and Luis Majano there are some ORM issues that need to be solved with Lucee 5.0 before this can happen. My hosting provider has basically put us on notice that Lucee 4.5x machines are moving to Lucee 5.0. This would cause a huge problem for us. Micha or anyone else are you able to please tell me when this might be resolved?

Hi @George_Murphy I believe that most all of the ORM issues have been solved in the latest version of Lucee. Can you do some local testing with CommandBox? @lmajano Do you recall the specific version that has all these fixes?

It was the 22 snapshot I believe. I will test with the latest with CommandBox

I will test as well. How do I access Lucee?