When implement cfjava?

I think that it is very useful the cfjava

We have a ticket for that: [LDEV-4267] - Lucee

I do not understand, on the ticket [LDEV-4267] - Lucee there are 4 examples:

  1. java prefix (implementsjava): <cfinterface extends = “java:java.util.Map”> and <cfcomponent implements = “java:java.util.Map”>, it is not what I am looking for and I did not find any documentation for Lucee with implementsjava
  2. function type java: function custName(string customerID, string name) type=”java”, yes it worked if I substitute “any function” instead of the “function”, it is a java function in java language. I put the “imports” before the first “{” and it work. It is close to 90% of what I am looking for but there is no classes. There is not documentation, and I could use it within cfscript but I could not use it in cffunction sytaxis:
		string function custName3(string customerID, string name) 
			int x=3;
			String y = "hello";
			String x = new StringBuffer(customerID).reverse().toString() + name + x + y; 
			return x;
  1. class syntax: classInstance = java{…}, syntax error
  2. cfjava: <cfjava handle=“classInstance”>, syntax error

Is there a way to write a java class within Lucee, and compiled it automatically and use it, exactly that cfjava does?