What's new in Lucee 5.3.9+ snapshots compared to release

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any changelogs for the 5.3.9+ snapshots. Could anyone please tell me where I can find information about the current snapshot versions 5.3.9+? I would be interested in what new features and improvements have been made in this development branch.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Debian 9.13 - Linux
Java Version: openJDK-11.0.11
Tomcat Version: 9.0.48
Lucee Version: Lucee

Snapshots like the one you’ve mentioned ( are “on working” builds, something similiar to “nightly” or “weekly” snapshots of CI. You won’t see changelogs on those. Snapshots are mostly used for testing or for development. It’s not recommended to use them for production.

But I can tell you an alternative way to find out any change made to lucee: view/follow the changes by viewing the git merge/commit history of Lucee repository.

To do so, clone Lucee git repository to a new workplace on your local machine and view the git changes with visual code and its git graph extension Git Graph - Visual Studio Marketplace

(Alternatively you can use “GIT gui” stand alone tool, but I personally prefer vscodes git graph extension)

Then you can see the complete merge/commit history of all branches and each snapshot builds. Each snapshot should have a tag name in the git history and you can beautifully see all the merged changes in the history line (with LDEV’s references) for the jira tickets. You can git diff between commits and a lot more.

Hello andreas,

thank you for your detailed and really helpful explanation. I will try both suggestions (“GIT gui” and “Git Graph”) and see which variant I like better.

It’s really easy on github to compare between tags


Thank you for this information. Your suggestion seems to me to be less complicated, because I neither have to clone the Lucee GIT repository, nor do I have to install additional software such as GIT gui or GIT Graph.

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