What Tomcat version should I use?

I am trying to upgrade Lucee to version What version of TomCat should I use?


Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: RedHat 8
Java Version: java-11-openjdk-devel
Tomcat Version: ???
Lucee Version:

Use the Tomcat version that comes bundled with the very same Lucee version you want to install.

yep. just use the latest tomcat 9, i.e 9.0.71

Tomcat 10 changes some java namespaces and isn’t supported yet

@Zackster should I add that information to the lucee docs? here?

We tell about Java and it won’t hurt adding a sentence about the bundled Tomcat.

Are you saying when an update is done via the admin, Tomcat is also being updated?

That has not been my experience in the past although was my initial naive expectation when switching to Lucee.

Where and when did @Zackster say that? :thinking:

Ha, lemme back up to 'splain

OP says

Response was:

With confirmation:


It’s not said and it’s implied based on the simplicity of updating (linked here):

The danger of the built in updater is the lack of patches for the stack (this isn’t mentioned anywhere I found and thought it might be nice to clarify that is not part of the auto update process).

Ahhh ok. Thx… Now I understand. So let me try to rectify that. Sorry if what i was writing was misleading.

As far as I know, you should never use any Lucee installer to update an existing installation, because the installer cant update such a setup.

Also, Tomcat or any other servlet engine can’t be installed from within the Lucee Admin.

What I was trying to say is: if you want to know what Tomcat version is the best to run Lucee, download any Lucee version that comes with a bundled Tomcat (Express or Installer) and check what is shipped with that. But of course, it would be much better to find at least some information about that in the Lucee docs. I couldn’t find any and I was’n able to run Tomcat on my mobile phone (I’m often away from my notebook during weekends) to verify the version. I would have expected to find that information somewhere else in the docs. Wouldn’t hurt if the Download and Installer information site would have had that information. Thats all.

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