What to use for debugging, monitoring and security?

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Currently I am checking solutions for debugging, monitoring and securing cfml.

I found Foundeo with a complete package of solutions (like Fixinator to check cfml code for vulnerabilities) but no extensive monitoring like FusionReactor.

I found FusionReactor that’s a comprehensive monitoring tool, although no Fixinator like functionality.

Of course there is (more limited) debugging in Lucee and within several frameworks for cfml.

My question is, what are you using? Some, none, or a combination?

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Lucee really needs line debugging support, having to use dump abort and writeLog feels so very 1990s


Fusionreactor has a debugger and you can also use nerdvision which is a tool by the same people. It’s essentially a cloud-based stripped down version of the FR debugger but cheaper. It’s got a few warts, but I’ve played with it. The only actual debugger product I know of that you can tie into an IDE is FusionDebug, also by the same guys, but that’s mostly a dead product they’re no longer updating.

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Lack of line debugging in a popular IDE is what stops me from writing new components in CFML sometimes, and I feel like if it existed it would really bring CFML back up alongside other JVM languages.

Mostly I’m a Java developer so anything that works with IntelliJ is what I like - I tried Nerd Vision recently (as an IntelliJ plugin) and it was great, except that I could only use it for tracepoints and not breakpoints, and it needed a running webapp to communicate with that was hooked up to the source.

Recently I saw JetBrains closed a couple of CFML line debugging tickets as ‘shelved’, so I think there’s little hope in them treating CFML as a first-class citizen. However, it seems like the FusionReactor/Nerd Vision guys have everything they need to make an awesome line debugger plugin, would love to see it!


The good news is that we have a company who has stepped up to sponsor adding this to Lucee, it’s on our roadmap to be added once Lucee 6 is released.

Like with your own projects/company/jobs/etc, it always comes down to a question of resources.

The more the community supports the project financially, the better and quicker we can make Lucee rock even more!

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