What RDBM system on ubuntu os that lucee works with well?

I haven’t had any luck with setting up an open source RDBM system on ubuntu with lucee and maybe I haven’t tried hard enough…

Has anyone had some good luck setting up such a database engine in such an environment without scratching their hair out? If so, I’d appreciate some pointer and/or advice.

A have set up an Ubuntu 18.04 with MariaDB, and I would say it was easy. I had MariaDB experience on Windows before, so obviously I’ve installed it on that Linux box too. From my point of view, it was pretty straight forward.

What DBMS did you try, and what problems did you face? Just asking, because as being new to Ubuntu, I am always interested in others experiences.

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Good to know your positive experience with MariaDB on ubuntu. Do you use container technology like Docker for Lucee and MariaDB on Ubuntu? Thanks.

Nope… Still no container technology. Just a regular virtual server for now. A bigger app runs on a dedicated Win machine, so I don’t have that experience with ubuntu. it is just an experimental environment for now… Doing all that hardening stuff and so on. But what I’m seeing is pretty promising.

About docker… I’m still waiting to see, what is going to happen with that technology in a political sense. Have looked into docker a little. But because they have sold their business section (docker-ee) to Mirantis lately and that was the cash cow getting the money to fund the community stuff, I really don’t know what is going to happen now. I know it is very popular and I hope a healthy business is going to support it and push it further.

Ortus Solutions published some great stuff lately. And there is a very nice video created by @bdw429s showing all this stuff. See it here:

And here is the docker hub by ortus

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Ok, thanks for letting me know, we are talking about ubuntu os platform, but your following statement confuses me.

Ahhh … Ok… Maybe I didn’t express myself very well. Sorry for the confusion. I just was trying to say, that I’m more experienced in Windows and IIS stuff, because I’ve been running CF on another project for plenty of time on a dedicated machine. Now learning Ubuntu and lots of other things for eventual new projects, And that is just a very small virtual dev box.

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oh Ok, thanks for the clarification.

I just checked my Lucee installation (5.2.8) on my Windows box and I didn’t find MariaDB is listed for database engines that Lucee supports, the “other” (JDBC driver) been depreciated.

Please install MariaDB extension in admin. Click on extensions menu item.

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You can use MariaDB extension as mentioned by @omarpta . Alternatively you can use also the MySQL drivers. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL and still very compatible.

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Ok, would be Applications or Provider? If the latter, would that be mariadb.lucee.org ?

Good to know, thanks.

History and Status (working)

MarieDB 10.4.13 for Windows 10 (64bit) installation failure.
Err msg: installation wizard ended prematurely.
I was using default settings.

I then installed MariaDB 10.3 for Windows ( installation successful ).
Created a test db and was able to set up a data source via Lucee admin and it works.


@andreas, for ubuntu, I usually use “apt-get install {software}” command to install software, just curious, did you use “apt-get install lucee” to install Lucee onto your ubuntu os and “apt-get install mariadb” to install MariaDB as well? Thanks.

For Lucee I did it with the installer as posted in the lucee docs. And mariaDb I installed with apt-get.

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Ok, I’ve just installed lucee and mariadb, created some dummy db and was able to set up its data source. Thank you for making it happen !

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I thoroughly recommend that you investigate PostgreSQL too, its more ACID compliant and arguably more powerful and flexible too. We replaced Oracle with Postgres 15 years ago and have not regretted it for a second. Other local applications have been taken down by mySQL/MariaDB failures but not our main applications which run on Postgres.

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I’ve tried to set up a data source for PostgreSQL under Ubuntu for Lucee to no avail, thus, not considering it again at this point.

What happened “to no avail”, a little effort will be well worth it I assure you.

It failed and I posted the issue months ago or even longer, no solution, so, not considering it again right now, maybe will re-consider it down the road, i appreciate the note tho.

Well let me know if I can help :slight_smile: