What is the Websocket Client on the Lucee downloads page

I just noticed a new “Websocket Client” extension on the Lucee Downloads page: https://download.lucee.org/ (under the extensions). I think this is the github repo: https://github.com/lucee/extension-websocket-client, but I don’t see any documentation.

Does anyone have any information about this extension?

@isapir built an extension named “Lucee WebSockets Extension”, which I am currently using, but there are some critical issues with it that make it unstable, and I don’t believe it is actively being supported at this time.

It looks like the new extension (if I have the github repo correct) is being developed by Michael Offner (can someone tag him… I don’t know his handle).


To clarify, my extension implements a WebSocket Server, for when you want to connect from a Client, e.g. a web browser with JavaScript code, to Lucee.

The one mentioned here is a Client, for when you want to connect from Lucee to another WebSocket Server.

I admit, that’s confusing. Why would Lucee be implementing a websocket client? I have seen the word “client” reference various server-side things, and I actually thought that you referenced the word “client” in your implementation, but I guess I’m wrong about that.

I have mentioned a Client in my extension as a possible future enhancement.

A WebSocket Client can be very useful if for example you want to connect to another server and keep the connection open for efficient communications. Instead of opening a new connection each time you keep the connection open and send and receive messages without any overhead.

I see, so this new extension would be used to connect your Lucee app to another backend server (not a Lucee server) via websockets. That’s pretty cool.