What is the negative impact for externalising strings?

are there any stats on the “negative impact” for externalizing strings?

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I’d also like to hear more about the use cases for externalizing strings and the impact on execution times. The hint says it “can have a negative impact on execution times” for the lower string sizes.

  • Is enabling it for strings larger than 10 characters a bad idea in the vast majority of cases? If so, is the option useful?
  • In addition to execution times, is class file generation a lot slower when this option is enabled as well? Which one is affected more, or is there a way to roughly quantify the overheads for each?
  • Would there be a benefit to be able to tune it manually rather than the 10/100/1000 character preset boundaries?
  • Would there be a benefit to be able to enable this setting on particular components/templates, rather than for an entire application, if that’s possible?

the video does go into some detail, but honestly, I much prefer being able to quickly scan thru a blog post or documentation in a minute than dedicating 5-15 minutes to watch a video.

my initial impression after watching the video is that is only really going to be useful if you don’t store most of your content in a database, or if you embed lots of javascript in your cfml files, the amount of html for the average site embedded in cfml files is probably going to be fairly minimal.